A new kind of menace
is about to hit the world
and The Agency really
needs your help.

Operation: Vanishing Lady” is a thrilling spy game where you’ll be recruited to become a top secret agent. Your mission is not an easy one, and your role can play decisive.

Are you brave enough to join in?

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Operation: Vanishing Lady available on iTunes Store!

We are glad to announce that the complete version of The Agency: Operation – Vanishing Lady is now available on the AppStore (Italian only). English-speaking friends, we have good news for you too! The free version (demo) is now available in English as well, so that everyone can have a peek at The Agency’s world! […]




Spillover creates a radically new series of spy games that take people on a quest to discover the secrets of the world. Our mission is simple: make science and other STEM subjects accessible and actionable. We do this by creating brilliantly engaging video games...



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