the Agency

The Agency is a secret organization that brings together and coordinates the most important scientists
of the world to fight and ward off any possible disaster, whether natural or human.
For each challenge the science and human intelligence can find an answer.

The Agency’s task is to make sure to find it right away.



The Agency

Operation: Vanishing Lady

A new kind of menace is about to hit the world and The Agency urgently needs your help.

“Operation: Vanishing Lady” is a thrilling spy game where you’ll be recruited to become a top secret agent.

Your mission is a complex one. There are codes to crack. There are problems to solve. There are clues to discover. To do so you will need to dive deep into your resources calling upon your intuition, problem solving skills, ingenuity and even some qualities in yourself that you have yet to discover.

Along the way you will have the chance to learn from some of the best scientists in the world, but finding them won’t be simple. Concerned about protecting their identity, The Agency has hidden them in top-secret labs around the world. To access each lab, you’ll first need to solve some mind- boggling problems, travelling fast to different cities across the globe while dodging The Shadow and its evil agents!

Mission accomplished? The adventure can continue. You will have a chance to win badges and try out real science experiments at home and then share them with friends.

The Agency: available on the Apple Store!


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