Who said that science is for nerds only?
Definitely not us!

The Project

Spillover creates a radically new series of spy games that take people on a quest to discover the secrets of the world.
Our mission is simple: make science and other STEM subjects accessible and actionable. We do this by creating brilliantly engaging video games and apps for young people aged 10-15 years.

We have direct access to the latest innovations, cutting edge data and inventions from top research labs and universities. We then transform this into dynamic and highly interactive content.

Our games are a great way to teach essential skills such as problem-solving, inventiveness and creativity, tools which we think are essential if we are to tackle some of the global challenges of our day.

Through play we believe it is possible to cultivate curious minds, promote scientific investigation and show people how to take practical action. Along the way gamers may find that physics can be fascinating, that microbes can save lives and that chemicals behave not too differently from people.

Are you brave enough to join us?

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